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Latest Game

John's Jackpot

A faithful Flash remake of my first game ever. This luck-based game was first made in 1994 on a Mac, and is now back in its full black & white glory!

Other Games

Babeball (API game)

A Mode7 game made entirely using the Flash drawing API... the game without music is only 14 KB. See how far you can run without falling off the track!

Flip8 Redux

A fully featured Chip-8 / S-Chip8 emulator, entirely written in AS2.0. It bundles all games and programs known on S/Chip-8, a debugger, has sound, and maps the game's controls to arrows keys and space for simplicity.

My Sig Trapped Inglor

A simple minigame made entirely with the drawing API. You must collect the small flashing dots while avoiding to touch the red walls...

Wayne State Warrior

Created for Wayne State University. 20 levels of Pacman-style arcade action! Eat all the dots avoiding the Ninja Robots From Space!

Prentis' Breakthroughs

Created for Wayne State University. My version of breakout, including powerups and 10 levels of intense action with up to 4 paddles simultanously.

Anthony's Memory

Created for Wayne State University. The classic memory game, with with several difficulty levels.

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