Code by Newsdee, more details coming soon.

What's this?
Chip8 was the Flash Player of the 70s!
It used a whopping 4 KB of RAM and ran at 1 MHz!
This Flash program runs the original Chip8 bytecode (not everything works yet).
Debugging options (pause, step, reset, frameskip change) are available in the debug panel.

- Improve compatibility
- Map all games to arroy keys

All actionscript code (emulator and interface) by me.
The Chip8/SChip8 CPU interpreter was based on documentation found at the following sources:
- David Winter's CHIP8 documentation. He has also created many games for it.
- Rob Ware's Chip8 documentation.
- Jonemaan/Hap tips and homebrew ROMs.

WIP page, more details coming soon.